Playa Pharm - BRC's Apothecary


Have you gotten to the gates of Black Rock City and realized you have forgotten your medication?  Are you worried about refrigerating your prescriptions?

Playa Pharm offers piece of mind, taking the worry out of having enough meds to cover your time on the Playa.  We offer a wide selection of the most popular medicines for pickup On-Playa.  We offer free medical consultations, from experienced Burners who know something about Drugs.

We sell brand-name and exact generic equivalents of U.S. FDA approved prescription drugs through our fully-licensed pharmacy, all you need is to supply a valid, original drug prescription from a licensed physician.

Our ordering system gives you the convenience to have your medications waiting for you when you get to Black Rock City.

The Playa Pharm Benefits:

We may not have the lowest price for the drugs you need, but we are the only Pharmacy On-Playa
Licensed by the BRPE (Black Rock Pharmacy Exchange)
Experienced, trusted, Burners with Drug Knowledge on staff.
Free pickup - no handling charges
Total confidentiality
24x7 customer support On & Off Playa

California Medical Marijuana Prescriptions Filled